Il Molise esiste!
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Web page maintained by the Hon. Amato Berardi
Molise Ambassador in the world
Amato L. Berardi was born in Italy (Longano, Isernia in Molise) and came to the U. S. with his family, at the age of 12.

After a degree in Management & Economy & a successful career as a restaurant owner in Phila, Berardi turned his ambitions to the financial services industry. 

In 1983 he founded Berardi & Ass., Inc., a full service insurance, employee benefits and retirement planning agency. 

In his successful career Berardi received several honors including the National Quality Award & the Humanitarian Citation from both the State Senate of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia. 

In 2000 he was also honored by the European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations for his distinguished efforts in preserving the Italian culture in America as well for his many successful achievements as an entrepreneur. Berardi was also bestowed with the title of “Cavaliere” by the Republic of Italy and by the Knights of Malta. 

In addition Berardi is a member of SMART (Strengthening the Mid-Atlantic Region for Tomorrow) an inter-state non-profit organization which supports research, development & technology;founder and Chairman of the National Italian American Political Action Committee, co-founder of the Italy America Chamber of Commerce of Greater Phila and member of several national, state and local organizations. 

On April 10, 2008 Berardi was elected to the Parliament of the Republic of Italy until 2013. 

Both in Italy, where he has an office in Rome, and in the US, Amato is involved in a large number of projects to help Italians abroad and to improve the relations between the two countries. 
This page was created to promote tourism and relocation to the Molise Region and to highlight and promote products from the beautiful region of Molise
Questo sito e' stato creato per promuovere il turismo e il trasferimento nel Molise e per mettere in risalto e promuovere i prodotti della bellissima Regione Molise
Did you know you can retire in Molise and pay 7% income tax for 10 years?? YES!!!

Italian 2019 budget law introduced a new 7% flat tax on foreign income for individuals moving to Italy. In order to qualify, you need: ​ Have a foreign public or private pension -  Have been a resident of a foreign country in the 5 years prior your relocation to Italy - Move your residency to a qualifying municipality in Italy* ​ The tax benefit lasts for 10 years. 

You pay a 7% flat tax on ANY foreign sourced income, including pension, property income, capital gains, interests, dividends, and miscellaneous sources of income. Assuming you are relocating to Italy from overseas and you receive an annual pension of € 20,000 meanwhile you realize a capital gain on your stocks of € 10,000; if you opt for the Pensioner’s flat tax your tax liability will be € 2,100. There is no cap on your income, and you can remit the income to Italy without any restriction. The 7% flat tax does not cover any income made in Italy.
In order to qualify, you must file your tax return each year. please refer to this guide to understand more about the Italian tax system. 
*You must relocate to a town with a population of 20,000 or less...guess what? There are 136 towns in Molise...all but 3 qualify (Campobasso, Isernia and Termoli do not)...133 are ready to have you!

You can be in Molise in less than 2 hours from Rome's International Airport!
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Termoli is a beautiful seaside resort on the Adriatic, in the province of Campobasso. If you were to draw a straight line to the right of Rome you'll be in Termoli. It is a 3 hour drive from Rome's Airport.
Termoli has 33,000 people, it is quite affordable and for what you would buy a 2 bedroom house in a seaside resort in the U.S. you would buy 2 or 3 homes in Termoli. The climate is beautiful all year round with winters around 40-45F, Summers 85-90F.
The port area is absolutely breath-taking.
Next time you go to Italy, put TERMOLI in your itinerary!
Below is a drone video from a town in Molise from one of my associates